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Fashion shoot at the zoo

This was an amazing experience, and a fantastic day, full of amazing moments and challenges!

The whole team worked really hard and we achieved amazing results!

Some of the highlights were being electrocuted with the electrified fence with the wolves and the moody puma! What a day!

Hope you enjoy the images!


•Ione Ascanio Green – Photographer

•Stylist:     Emma Pulbrook   http://www.wix.com/emmapulbrook/styling

•Jewellery :  Hayley Kruger
•Makeup Artist:    David Willis
Assistant to MUA (Bianca Poole)
•Hair Styling:
Chris Stasi www.stasisalons.com
Assistant to Chris (Kate Arampidou)
1) Margarita Lievano Mosquera
2) Jasmine Takacs

Grant Arthur
Eddy Belhay
•Behind the scenes Video:
Nell Morris
Sanae Rasul
•Important contacts:
Robert Fenton – (Production assistant)
Lynn Whitnall – (Director Paradise Wildlife Park)


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